A warm welcome
in the Cocoon

I am happy you found this safe corner on the world wide web.

We live in a strange time, where society is changing in rapid speed. Most of us experience on daily basis enormous amounts of presure. We have to play a lot of roles, the social expectations are often high and most of us have demanding jobs.
Next to that, our consciousness (our awareness of awareness) is expanding. Fifty years ago people grew up in homes where the focus was fitting into your role as man or woman. Find a job, have children, do what sociaty expect from you and work hard.
Nowerdays we are much more in connection with our deeper  feelings, longings and desires. We are higher on the piramide of Maslow.
This gives great opportunities for spiritual growth and personal development. And at the same being more aware gives big challenges.
Some people get stuck along the line. Some people feel overwhelmed by life and by all the posibilities and feelings. All the information can give confusion. In my life it meant that I couldn't just go on as normal, I couldn't ignore my 'deeper heart' anymore, I had to feel, face, heal and own certain parts of me.

Hello - My name is Dorien. As still on my way in the journey of life, I am on a point I am able to create and hold space for others who need some support.

As coach, I would like to journey with you, to create clearity in who you are, and to help you find your passions, goals and dreams.
As (creative) therapist, I would like help you heal of things what hurted you. Just being there for you, while you are healing from the inside out.
As a person with a lot of experiential knowlegde I want to sit next to you, so you can share your story and feel understood.

During painful periods in life, transformation happens. On the darkest moments we start seeing the light. The moment everything is falling apart, is most of the time the moment everything falls in place. We are not here to change others, but to become healthy human beings. This process can feel as painful as having to die. Just know, you are not alone.

So if you are going through a hard period in your life and you long for a contained space while you going through your process: Welcome in the Cocoon.